Our Strength

Our Strength

  • In order to deliver a project and meeting the client’s requirements as well as on international standards, alfanar Construction has heavily contributed in developing its resources. With turnkey capabilities, alfanar Construction makes use of the most advanced technologies in project management.
  • alfanar has always believed in the capacity and capability of its workforce of over 12,000 well trained and experienced personnel. Together with the above we are able to create a safe environment for the project team as well as to deliver a project at high quality.
  • Turnkey Capabilities

    • In-house design
    • To provide the best solutions for complex designs and for projects with high risk and urgent priority in line with the client’s specifications.

    • Supply Chain
    • To become the partner of choice, respected by everyone for our cooperation and honesty in dealing with customers.

    • Turnkey project execution capability
    • Set targets to be the best, meeting project schedules through unprecedented quality and safety procedures.

    • Expert and prompt post project maintenance and after-sales solutions.

    Project Management

    • alfanar Constructions's project personnel organize and manage a full range of services necessary to oversee the project planning and project management demands, right from master planning to execution.
    • We use sophisticated and the most modern software like SAP, Pimavera, etc...
    • Our main focus is to:

    • Meet the project schedule
    • Avoid budget overrun
    • Maintain benchmark technical quality


    • alfanar has always believed in the capacity and capability of its workforce of over 12,000 well trained and experienced personnel.
    • The culture of alfanar is designed to promote excellence in every aspect of an employee’s career.
    • With transparent growth opportunities, the employees are provided with the best facilities and a healthy working environment.
    • In a survey titled “Best Saudi Companies to Work for – 2008” conducted by a leading regional newspaper, alfanar was listed among the top ten best companies to work for by virtue of its healthy work environment.


    • alfanar Construction is an ISO 9001-2008 certified EPC and a ‘Grade I’ classified company.
    • We not only fulfill customer requirements but excel in exceeding the expectations in each and every phase of a project.
    • Our QA/QC engineers conduct thorough inspections at every stage of construction including vendor inspections, pre-commissioning checks and final inspections to maintain high quality levels.


    • Safety always remains a primary and fundamental concern for alfanar Construction.
    • We have a healthy track record and have obtained several prestigious ‘SAFETY AWARDS’ from our valuable clients.
    • We achieve high Safety Standards through the right combination of field procedures, professional attitudes, and dedicated safety staff supplemented with periodical Safety Evaluations.